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WellD Health

Everyone can make strides towards optimal wellness.

Atlantic Coast Athletic Centers (ACAC) began a revolutionary initiative to accept physician-referred exercise as part of its memberships.

Today, Welld Health offers an expanded offering of health and wellness management services, including corporate wellness programs.

Industry Technology Location


HIPAA Compliance

Charlottesville, VA

Web application design

Coshx was an early partner of ACAC’s, helping build out the first iteration of their wellness tool, CLARA. In partnership with stakeholders, Coshx designed CLARA from the ground up. The result was a secure web application including a wellness dashboard, visualizations to track physical activity, and administrator tools to manage care populations.

HIPAA compliant development

CLARA was built with an Ember.js frontend and Rails backend. In an effort to ensure privacy, data was encrypted at rest and in flight. Coshx also maintained log encryption and rotation in addition to certificate management.

HIPAA compliant DevOps

Coshx and ACAC deployed CLARA to a dedicated server instance to ensure HIPAA compliance at a time before most cloud providers would sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs). Coshx automated server provisioning using Chef to eliminate deployment downtime and enhance identity and access management.

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