The Intern: We Survived Humpback

I’m Sarah, the new marketing intern for Coshx, and this is a series on my experience working at the company. This post documents the Charlottesville team’s experience hiking Humpback Rock.

Summit view
The amazing view at the top of Humpack Rock. No worries about desk posture here!

In my first post I mentioned how my workplace has given me some new perspective. It’s also taken me to new heights, from a position that I tend to sit in for very long periods of time. So long, in fact, that I started worrying about the dangers of being seated for long periods at a time, researching the ideal screen-to-arm distance, and evaluating the integrity of my posture. Things were getting out of hand.

So, when our CEO gave me the go-ahead to plan an office-wide event, I didn’t hesitate to set up a hike to Humpback Rock. Humpback Rock is an extremely popular hiking spot for people in the surrounding area. It’s located near Waynesboro, Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains, which makes for fresh air and an amazing view.

Funnily, all of the “adults” were more excited than the interns at 7am on the day-of and their good attitudes got us excited, too. We set off as soon as possible, and if everyday life at the office is any indication, I can assume every car was blasting good music on the way there.

We arrived around 8AM armed with water, our CEO’s dog Riley, and PokemonGO installed on our phones. One of our senior developers claimed the empty gym at Humpback Rock on our way up.

Starting the hike
The group starts off from the trailhead.

The fun and games ended a couple minutes after that, as I forgot that the worst part of the hike came first. The only ones who made it out of the steep incline relatively alright were Chielo, one of our developers, and our CEO’s puppy, Riley. In fact, Chielo ended up speeding ahead, saying, “This is great!” as he went, while the rest of us wiped the sweat off our foreheads and watched him go.

Walking and talking
Walking, talking, and looking for Pokemon.

Nonetheless, we stayed optimistic and enjoyed the weather and scenery. Everyone commented that it felt great to be outside and moving, as opposed to sitting in front of screens in the office, and I couldn’t agree more. It was a lot of fun talking and hanging out with everyone in a new setting, even though I was out of breath for most of it.

Resting at the top
Resting and drying off at the top of Humpback Rock.

Eventually, we made it to the top of the rocks and found Chielo already resting there. We drank from our water bottles, took pictures of the incredible scenery, and checked for nearby Pokémon while we waited for everyone to settle down. The summit was surprisingly cool with a good breeze in spite of how hot it was back in Charlottesville. Those who get cold easily should bring a sweater!

Riley resting
Riley cooling off from the heat.

We hung out here for a good while, talking and enjoying the scenery, before heading back down. Going down the mountain was remarkably easier than going up, although significantly more slippery. Thankfully none of us were injured, but we did slip a couple times. Afterwards, like any and all good Charlottesville citizens would do, we went to Bodos for bagel sandwiches before heading into work.

My go-to order is an everything bagel with egg whites, ham, and low-fat cream cheese.

At Coshx, we talk a lot about our company’s core values, which come into play every day at work, manifesting in our team’s professionalism and emphasis on communication and collaboration. It was great to see everyone outside of that setting and being just as friendly and talkative while hiking together. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for everyone and I’d recommend a Humpback Rock hike to anyone in the area!

Thanks for reading my second post of The Intern! As usual, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions below, or e-mail me at [email protected].