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Utility Customer Experience and DSM Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Tendril approached Coshx in need of better testing, security, and scalability for an internal application, GroundedPower.

Tendril runs a demand-side management (DSM) system used by energy suppliers to match energy usage patterns.

Industry Technology Location


Technical Audit

Boulder, CO

Technical Audit

Coshx performed a technical audit, ensuring that the Rails codebase was secure and extensible, making recommendations on how it could be re-built to improve scalability. Additionally, testing and security approaches were reported.


After completing a Review and Recommend audit, Tendril hired Coshx to implement the recommended changes and to rebrand the GroundedPower application. The rebranding ended with GroundedPower becoming known as Unwaste.

While rebranding GroundedPower, Coshx was asked to help design and build a second application, Energize. Data from 3rd party APIs were collected into user dashboards.

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