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Roots Natural Kitchen

Roots Natural Kitchen provides awesome food to the denizens of Charlottesville.

Due to the high demand at their brick and mortar stores, Roots developed a mobile ordering application.

Coshx extended Roots’ existing iOS application to support Android phones, redesigned their point of sale iPad application, and provides ongoing maintenance and extension of administrator tools for mobile ordering.

Industry Technology Location


React Native

Charlottesville, VA

Mobile ordering app

Coshx was initially contracted to build an Android application to mirror a pre-existing iOS application. A cross-platform development approach was adopted using React Native. Within 8 weeks, Coshx released identical iOS and Android apps.

The mobile applications utilize a linear flow to pick your restaurant, choose a pick-up time, select dishes from the full Roots menu, make any desired additions and subtractions to your dishes, and complete a payment

Not long after deploying the Android application, we replaced the native iOS app with the React Native application and sunsetted the original iOS app. We are still maintaining the React Native application and are actively developing new features.

Kitchen iPad app

Following our delivery of Roots’ mobile ordering applications, Coshx was asked to redesign Roots’ existing point of sale iPad application. The redesign provided usability enhancements and features such as:

A softer color palette
Iconography to help visualize order size
An archive of past orders​
Master-detail navigation of orders across time slots
Summary statistics of orders in each time slot

Continued support

Coshx remains in partnership with Roots, providing technical direction, bug fixes, and improvements.

Group event codes

Group event codes have allowed Roots to make large group ordering convenient for everyone involved. Users in select locations can order with an event code, pay with their own credit card, and receive their order. This eliminates the hassle of splitting payments and wrangling orders from everyone in the group.

Administrator tools

New administrator tools have enabled on-the-fly location creation, modification of ordering windows, and advanced ordering. All locations can be managed from a single administrator dashboard.


Coshx added testing, automated deployment, and greatly improved the performance of the existing Rails backend. These additions have helped us to ensure more reliable releases, improve development speed, and alleviate UX pain points.

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