Our Values

What We Stand For

Transparency creates trust

We are honest in our conversations and collaborations, and we express ourselves graciously, especially when the truth is challenging. That means whether building products or building relationships, we address limitations up front, ask for help, and hold ourselves accountable for all our decisions and actions.

Finding expertise in collaboration

Every member of our team contributes a unique skillset—whether it be domain knowledge or soft skills—to our company. Asking each other and our clients for insight and keeping an open mind helps us do our best work together. Collaboration makes students and mentors of us all.

Ownership means taking initiative

Each member of the team is empowered to take personal responsibility for group success. We don’t wait for questions or problems to arise before considering what needs to get done and taking deliberate action. We work with clients not as freelancers but as partners with a shared passion and sense of excitement.

Celebrate success, work through challenges

We celebrate when a team member excels and we support each other when things get tough because that’s what it means to be a part of our team. We earn respect when we keep calm and ask for help in challenging situations.

Always an opportunity to learn

Every question raised is an opportunity to grow, and every challenge is a chance to rise to the occasion. We learn from the past to prepare for the future. We are constantly learning new technologies to be better professionals, and sharing that knowledge helps us become a better team.

Michael Wytock


Tilakam Watterson


Mike Dobrowolski

Mobile Engineer

Lane Spangler

Javascript Specialist

Edi Gil

Lead Senior Designer

David Wert

Software Sage

Phillip Sipe

JavaScript Specialist

Justin Auch

Director of Business Development


Be Part of Our Team

At Coshx, we believe in certain Core Values. Take a read through and see if you feel the same way. If you do, let us know how you see yourself adding value to our team.

Why We Do It

Our Story

Coshx was established in 2011 by Ben Taitelbaum. Ben founded Coshx with a simple principle: let’s build a company that we want to work for.

Our Services

What We Do


Addressing usability issues with user-centered design.


Developing mobile and web applications.

Support and maintenance

Maintaining and updating legacy software.

Cloud infrastructure development

Migrating, automating, and scaling cloud resources.


Training staff on established and emerging technologies.


Analyzing security, performance, and usability of systems.