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Meet GOGO Band, the world’s most advanced solution proven to help keep your child dry and stop bedwetting for good.


  • Mobile
  • iOS
  • Android
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Visual Design

Say Goodbye to Bedwetting.

GOGO Band provides a nocturnal enuresis mitigation system with no pharmaceuticals. Their system monitors biorhythms and alerts parents before their child is likely to bedwet. Over time, intervention before bedwetting events trains children to stop wetting the bed.

Our Role

Parent Application

Coshx designed and delivered native mobile applications for iOS and Android phones. The parent app tracks a child’s biorhythms and shows a child’s progress through the training phase following enrollment with GOGO Band.

Then, after training is complete, parents can:

  1. Track wet and dry nights on a calendar and track improvements through charts and graphs.
  2. Receive alarms to their phone if their child is about to wet the bed so that they may assist their child in getting to the bathroom.

From design to development, Coshx delivered two native mobile applications in 8 weeks.

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