Case Study

M-CAM International

M·CAM® International is a global, full–service innovation and intangible asset management firm. They provide financial and business solutions to entities ranging from the world’s largest financial institutions to heritable rights engagement endeavors in marginalized countries. 


  • Cloud
  • AWS
  • Data Pipeline Architecture
  • Neo4j
  • Graph Databases
  • Cloud Migration
  • Docker
  • ECS
  • Containerization

M-CAM tracks the value of intellectual property and runs the IQ100, a publicly traded index fund that tracks innovation.

Coshx migrated M-CAM’s in-house product, DOORS, to the cloud and improved the performance of their analytics pipeline. Moving from an on-premise infrastructure to AWS improved reliability and lifted performance bottlenecks on DOORS. Replacing existing SQL data stores with a Neo4j graph database helps deliver results in minutes, not days.

Our Role

Cloud Migration

Coshx containerized and migrated DOORS, MCAM’s patent exploration tool, from on-premise servers to AWS. Performance improved 10x-50x. The application was readied to be white labeled and distributed to MCAM’s clients.

Data Pipeline Architecture

Coshx migrated existing patent data from a relational database to Neo4j, a graph database. Compute time for quarterly fund re-balancing dropped roughly 90%.

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