M·CAM® International is a global, full–service innovation and intangible asset management firm. We provide financial and business solutions to entities ranging from the world’s largest financial institutions to heritable rights engagement endeavors in marginalized countries.


— Legacy Web App Cloud Migration

— Batch Compute Optimization



Legacy Web App Cloud Migration

M-Cam had a legacy web app that they wanted to move from infrastructure to the cloud.

Coshx containerized the application and migrated terabytes of data to AWS.

Performance increased and reduced monthly costs, saving analysts time and making the application available to more users.


Batch Compute Optimization

When a few quarterly compute jobs turned into dozens, MCAM needed to optimize performance.

Coshx migrated MCAM’s data to a graph database to make the compute job over 100x faster and require 80x less data.

Coshx deployed the batch compute system on AWS and created a streamlined data pipeline to ingest new data efficiently.

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