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DigiSight Technologies

DigiSight Technologies connects and leverages ophthalmic datasets to provide better care for patients, enable efficient workflows for providers, and create deeper insights for the entire ophthalmic community and their referring providers.


  • Cordova
  • iOS
  • Rails
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile

DigiSight partnered with Coshx to help develop a suite of mobile vision assessment tools.

DigiSight Technologies, now Verana Health, developed mobile products to help physicians care for their patients more effectively while also keeping patients engaged in the process.

Our Role

Cross-platform Mobile Development

Coshx began working with DigiSight on Paxos Checkup, a mobile vision assessment tool that allows users to take a variety of vision tests at home. Doctors configure which tests users take, and the app automatically tracks and sends patient data to physicians in real time.

Checkup is built with JavaScript and uses Cordova to create native builds for iOS and Android platforms. The application core is a custom-built MVC framework that communicates via JSON with a Ruby on Rails server that handles authentication, user settings, and storing test results.

Web Development

Our work eventually began to touch the Rails server, which provided a dashboard for physicians to view test results, track patients, and arrange tests. We added a large number of features to the server, improved security and data retention, and increased automated test coverage. We also worked on streamlining and automating DigiSight’s deploy and build processes for the server and for several applications in both the iOS and Android app stores.

Native iOS Development

Additionally, we provided native iOS development for Scope, which uses a camera adapter that can create high quality retinal photographs for traveling eye doctors at an affordable price.

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